PT Panugro Putra Indonesia

PT. Panugro Putra Indonesia is a company that provides painting material supply services, blasting equipment (surface preparation) and painting, inspection equipment. Aim for the needs of anti-corrosion protection in steel, aluminum, stainless steel, concrete and so on. There is also a consultancy service on the specification of the painting and the inspection of the results of the painting.PT. Panugro Putra Indonesia is an Official Distributor of INTERNATIONAL Paint, a brand of AKZONOBEL which has been proven in the painting industry for more than 100 years for Protective coatings and Marine coatings including anti-corrosion paints in steel structures, internal and external tanks, fire-resistant paints, port piles , marine environment, anti-fouling, ship industry, floor painting and so on.The blasting and painting equipment that we provide are GRACO and AIRBLAST or equivalent which have proven their quality in the blasting and painting equipment industry.The inspection equipment that we provide is ELCOMETER and DEFELSCO which have proven quality and accuracy in measuring the results of blasting and painting results that have been carried out.Our company also provides consulting services and blasting painting inspections supported by professional inspectors who are certified by NACE International for levels 1, 2 and 3. Our inspectors are equipped with complete inspection tools to check the overall results of surface preparation (Blasting) and painting results (Painting).